How to Chop Dill

If you have only purchased dried dill until now, the idea of selecting and chopping fresh dill may feel rather intimidating. Sure, it may not be too difficult in the end, but knowing that various seasonings and produce are often prepared in different ways can give you pause. After all, how do you know that you’re preparing it properly to unlock its fullest flavor? Thankfully, dill is one seasoning that is simple and really can’t go wrong. With just a couple of steps, you’ll have a dill garnish ready for robust flavoring with this easy tutorial for how to chop dill.

Step #1. Selecting the Dill

How to Chop Dill - Step 1 image.

Select the best leaves and stems for consumption (very green and fresh).

Step #2. Clean the Dill

How to Chop Dill - Step 2 image. Rinsing the dill.

Transfer the dill to a strainer and wash it, running clear water over the herbs to remove dirt or other residue.

Step #3. Pat Dry

How to Chop Dill - Step 3 image. Patting the dill dry.

Transfer the washed dill to a clean fabric towel and pat it dry carefully.

Step #4. Remove Stems

How to Chop Dill - Step 4 image. Cutting the dill.

Remove the large stems using kitchen scissors.

Step #5. Separate Stems & Leaves

How to Chop Dill - Step 5 image.

Separate the stems from the leaves. You can save the stems for future use to improve flavor in soups or other preparations.

Step #6. Chop the Fronds into Small Pieces

How to Chop Dill - Step 6 image. chopping the dill.

Step #7. Ready to Use

How to Chop Dill - Step 7 image. Chopped dill in bowl.

Use the fresh chopped dill in recipes or to garnish different preparations.

Sample Preparation

How to Chop Dill - Sample Prep image 1 of egg and dill.
How to Chop Dill - Sample Prep 2 image. Runny egg with dill.

Sunrise eggs with sea salt and​ dill.

Dill weed is a fantastic option if you are looking for a pop of flavor in your dish. Excitingly, fresh dill can easily replace dried dill. For example, use one sprig to replace a ¼ teaspoon of dried dill. The flavor will be unparalleled when comparing it with dried dill!

If you are storing the dill before use, refrain from rinsing it. Once dill is rinsed, it won’t last as long. Further, a great way to store dill is in the refrigerator. For best results, choose a long storage container to fit the bundle of sprigs. Add an inch or two of water in the container, and place the dill within. Snap the lid closed and store within the fridge. With frequent water changes, your dill sprigs may last up to two weeks. You can also opt for a food saver container.

Do you have other suggestions for chopping or storing dill? We’d love to know! Please share your tips in the comments, and if you liked the tutorial, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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