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How to Use an Electric Skillet

How to Use an Electric SkilletHave you ever wondered what you would do without your oven and range top? For some of us, this is not a question at all, but an everyday part of life. I have been using an electric skillet frequently for the last several years, because it cooks more evenly than […]

How to Slice Garlic

How to Slice Garlic – Step by Step GuideGarlic is a favorite food of many who can appreciate its robust, bitter and spicy flavor. With a multitude of uses in dishes from all across the world, you’d have to look far and wide for someone who doesn’t love this little plant. But while many can […]

How to Chop Ginger

How to Chop Ginger – Step by Step GuideGinger is a root that produces a fragrant spice. It is commonly used to season Indian and Asian cuisine. Ginger can be used in tea and in making candy. Pickled ginger is often served alongside sushi. Picking your fresh ginger is an important step. You want a […]

How to Chop Garlic

How to Chop Garlic – Step by Step GuideGarlic is one of those ingredients that seems to make the most ordinary recipe more flavorful, fresh and interesting. Numerous appetizers and main dishes use garlic so knowing how to chop garlic the right way can make your recipe come together fast and easy. Content Quick Navigation […]

How to Braise Beef

How to Braise Beef – Step by Step GuideAchieving delicious, mouthwatering beef will no longer be a secret after following this step by step guide on how to braise beef, which will guide you through each individual task. This delicacy of a meal is created in a frying pan and provides six servings of roast […]

How to Cook Crispy Bacon

How to Cook Crispy BaconExtra crispy, golden bacon adds the perfect flair to a variety of dishes. It is a hearty staple for breakfast and pairs wonderfully with fluffy scrambled eggs. It accentuates creative omelets filled with an array of brightly colored vegetables. Bacon provides a satisfying, crisp texture nestled within a sandwich. It gives […]

How to Make Ceviche

How to Make Ceviche – Step by Step GuideFor a truly authentic seafood dish that is simple yet exquisite, here’s a recipe detailing how to make ceviche. A national dish of Peru, ceviche has been a South American delicacy for generations. Due to its raw-fish nature, the spicy delectability of a good ceviche requires fresh […]

How to Cook Asparagus on the Stove

How to Cook Asparagus on the StoveProperly cooking veggies like asparagus can seem intimidating, but when you prepare these bright green stalks simply and in a healthy manner, you really can’t go wrong. Asparagus has elegant texture and taste and doesn’t require fancy bells and whistles to enhance it. All you need is a large […]

How to Cook Brown Rice on the Stove

How to Cook Brown Rice on the StoveUnderstanding the difference between brown rice and white is essential when learning how to cook brown rice on the stove. Despite all of the opinions about which one is healthier, people should know that brown rice IS white rice. The only difference is that brown rice still has […]

How to Chop Dill

How to Chop DillIf you have only purchased dried dill until now, the idea of selecting and chopping fresh dill may feel rather intimidating. Sure, it may not be too difficult in the end, but knowing that various seasonings and produce are often prepared in different ways can give you pause. After all, how do […]