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If you’re just looking for a basic kimchi fermentation recipe or want to explore adding kimchi to various dishes, we’ve got you covered here! Although some are traditional, many of the recipes on this list are fusion favorites and range from breakfast options to main dishes and everything in between.

Kimchi in a small bowl.

After developing all of these recipes, I’ve had my fair share of kimchi and I’m really loving the flavor it unexpectedly adds to the classics. Check out this collection of our best kimchi recipes below.

1. How to Make Kimchi

Kimchi in a sealed jar in a white dish.

This is the best place to start when diving into cooking with kimchi. This step-by-step tutorial goes through the process of making this delicious side dish from scratch, with loads of tips; it’s easier than you might think! Once you’ve learned how to make homemade kimchi, you can use it in any of the recipes below.

Kimchi Recipe

2. Kimchi Scrambled Eggs

A pot of scrambled eggs with kimchi and kale on counter, a plate of sliced bread on the side.

My first experience creating a kimchi fusion recipe began here: scrambled eggs (my husband’s idea). With an elevated cooking technique and minimal ingredients, the kimchi really shines in this recipe!

Kimchi Scrambled Eggs Recipe

3. Kimchi Chowder

Kimchi chowder in a white bowl on light marble background, with a spoon on the side.

This creamy, kimchi and corn chowder is perfectly warm and cozy. It’s best suited for cool days or when you’re feeling under the weather. The kimchi is both cooked into the chowder and added as a topping for a boost of flavor and nutrition.

Kimchi Chowder Recipe

4. Kimchi Tofu Soup

Kimchi tofu soup in a bowl with kimchi in the background.

The base of this soup is miso-flavored, making it a Japanese-Korean mix. Adding tofu and mushrooms for protein makes it a suitable option for vegans; just be sure that the kimchi you buy or make is also vegan-friendly (some are, some aren’t).

Kimchi Tofu Soup Recipe

5. Kimchi Cream Cheese Spread

Kimchi cream cheese spread in a small black bowl, surrounded by tortilla chips.

This versatile spread for crackers, bagels and toast can also be used as a dip for veggies and tortilla chips. It has a touch of sweetness from the sweet and sour bell pepper topping, which compliments it nicely.

Kimchi Cream Cheese Spread Recipe

6. Korean Kimchi Chicken

Kimchi chicken thighs in light dish with chopped parsley.

These kimchi-marinated, grilled chicken thighs have definitely become a favorite in our house. Cooking the thighs on the grill results in a caramelized, crispy skin bursting with sweet and savory flavor.

Kimchi Chicken Recipe

7. Kimchi Omelette

Kimchi omelette on white plate with sliced scallions and a fork.

For a more technical egg-breakfast (or dinner), give this kimchi omelette a try. The kimchi filling brings Korean flavor to a French delicacy along with more classic ingredients like bacon, spinach and cheddar cheese.

Kimchi Omelette Recipe

8. Kimchi Salad

Kimchi tuna salad in bowl on wooden background.

Kimchi and tuna combine with fresh vegetables to create a healthy salad with an Asian twist. The homemade, gochujang dressing that perfectly compliments this salad is a must-try! You can easily take this salad for a packed lunch with the dressing on the side.

Kimchi Salad Recipe

9. Kimchi Shrimp Stir Fry

Kimchi shrimp stir fry over rice in a bowl on wooden background.

Shrimp are marinated in the brine from the kimchi jar and then stir-fried in butter with cabbage, bell peppers, broccolini and kimchi. This stir fry is served over basmati rice and garnished with lime wedges for some zest. Apart from the marinating time of 30 minutes, this recipe comes together quickly, so it’s great for busy weeknights.

Kimchi Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe

10. Kimchi Stew

Kimchi stew in a black bowl with sliced scallions. Chopsticks and kimchi in the background.

This is one of the quickest stews you will ever make. Cubed, marinated sirloin steaks are simmered with kimchi and gochujang for only 15 minutes. Mashed potatoes, rice and crusty bread are all perfect sides for this stew.

Kimchi Stew Recipe

11. Kimchi Rice Bowl

Kimchi rice bowl on wooden background.

I love a good rice bowl and this one with kimchi, chicken breast and pickled veggies does not disappoint. It’s packed with protein and vitamins and can be prepped ahead of time for a healthy lunch option throughout the week.

Kimchi Rice Bowl Recipe

12. Kimchi Deviled Eggs

Kimchi deviled eggs on a plate with sliced green onion garnish, kimchi in a bowl in the background.

This classic party appetizer is taken up a notch with tangy kimchi, sesame oil and a pickled veggie topping. If you’re getting tired of the same old flavors, try this fusion combination!

Kimchi Deviled Eggs Recipe

13. Kimchi Potato Salad

Kimchi potato salad in white bowl, kimchi mayo and chives on the side.

The creaminess of this potato salad with the spice and tang of kimchi is the perfect match. This cold side is a lovely accompaniment to Korean BBQ such as the chicken thigh recipe above or your favorite BBQ’d protein.

Kimchi Potato Salad Recipe

14. Kimchi Burritos

For a filling high-protein and high-carb meal, look no further than these kimchi burritos. Besides the kimchi, these burritos are loaded with rice, beans, cheese, vegetables and chicken tenders and then baked in the oven. Freezing instructions are included.

Kimchi Burrito Recipe

15. Kimchi Mayo

Kimchi mayo spread out on a small white dish with a spoon, concrete look background.

This recipe includes two great options for making tasty kimchi mayo. One option is quick and convenient using prepared mayo. The other option (my favorite) involves making mayo from scratch. Both can be used in place of regular mayo to liven up sandwiches, wraps and burgers.

Kimchi Mayo Recipe

16. Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice

Kimchi bacon fried rice in bowl, with fork and knife on the side, sliced green onions in the background.

Fried rice, a comfort food favorite, is made all the more comforting with the addition of kimchi and bacon! You only need one pan and less than 30 minutes to get this side dish or main course on the table.

Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice Recipe

17. Kimchi Pizza

A slice of kimchi pizza.

Kimchi is the star ingredient on this pizza, alongside the classics like melted cheese and marinara. The combination does sound strange but it is surprisingly delicious!

Kimchi Pizza Recipe

18. Kimchi Tacos

Kimchi and cod tacos in a brown dish, edamame beans in the background.

Celebrate your next Taco Tuesday Korean-style. We stuffed these soft tacos with kimchi, fried/breaded pieces of cod with Mexican spices and edamame beans!

Kimchi Tacos Recipe

19. Kimchi Carbonara

Kimchi carbonara in a white bowl with kimchi and grated pecorino in the background.

This recipe for kimchi carbonara takes an easier approach to the Italian pasta, using heavy cream to achieve a rich and wonderfully creamy sauce. The kimchi along with the brine from the jar adds a spicy, tangy bite to the dish.

Kimchi Carbonara Recipe

20. Kimchi Fries

Fries with kimchi and cheese in a casserole dish with a fork.

These kimchi fries remind me of a Canadian poutine but actually originated in Texas at the Tex-Mex Korean BBQ fusion restaurant: Chi’Lantro. In this version, crispy, oven-baked fries are topped with emmental cheese, kimchi and a few other toppings. Instead of a brown gravy, the fries are served with a spicy kimchi sauce.

Kimchi Fries Recipe

21. Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Kimchi grilled cheese sandwiches on a brown plate.

Another classic turned Korean fusion are these grilled cheese sandwiches with a kimchi and spicy mayo filling. This is an easy, quick recipe that takes just over 10 minutes to prepare.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese Recipe

22. Kimchi Quesadillas

Kimchi quesadillas on dark plate and a lime wedge.

These quesadillas are not at all traditional with their mix of Mexican and Korean ingredients. The tangy kimchi gives them a nice kick and is basically a substitute for the red salsa that you would normally serve quesadillas with.

Kimchi Quesadilla Recipe

23. Kimchi Pancakes

Kimchi pancakes stacked with sweet and sour sauce and sesame seeds.

Authentic kimchi pancakes, which are called ‘kimchijeon’ in Korea, are served as a side dish, snack or appetizer. These pancakes are not like the standard pancake we eat for breakfast in America; they are filled with savory, Asian ingredients like kimchi, soy sauce and sesame seeds. They are quite tasty!

Kimchi Pancake Recipe

24. Kimchi Udon

Kimchi udon noodle stir fry in a black bowl with chop sticks and dry udon on the side.

This kimchi udon is a very simple stir fry with few ingredients. You’re basically just cooking the udon noodles and then mixing them with stir-fried veggies and a quick sauce that’s full of umami flavor.

Kimchi Udon Recipe

25. Kimchi Ramen

Kimchi ramen with pork slices and chopsticks in a bowl.

A basic ramen noodle package is elevated to restaurant quality level with the addition of marinated pork, spices and kimchi. This is one of my favorite ways to use kimchi!

Kimchi Ramen Recipe

26. Kimchi Beef Burgers with Creamy Kimchi Sauce

Kimchi burger with kimchi sauce on wooden background, sauce dish and a jar of kimchi on the side.

Homemade beef patties are blended with kimchi, soy sauce and black sesame seeds and served with a delicious, creamy, kimchi sauce. The crunch of the kimchi adds that desired texture you would normally get from adding a pickle to your burger but with bigger flavor.

Kimchi Burger Recipe

27. Kimchi Mac and Cheese

Kimchi mac and cheese in a white bowl and on a spoon.

Kimchi pairs really well with creamy dishes like in this kimchi mac. This is no doubt the creamiest macaroni and cheese I have ever had! After letting the cheese sauce set and absorb into the pasta for a few minutes it becomes a really nice consistency and retains its creaminess well.

Kimchi Mac and Cheese Recipe

28. Kimchi Dumplings

These kimchi dumplings are fun to make AND eat. The pork filling is cooked and then wrapped up into pre-made dumpling wrappers. They are steamed using a bamboo steamer and served with a salty, zesty dipping sauce.

Kimchi Dumplings Recipe

Did you enjoy these kimchi recipes? Which one was your favorite so far? I’d love to hear if you have any ideas for ways to use kimchi and I might just turn it into a recipe. Let me know in the comments!

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